Melanie Tait’s popular comedy of six backpackers coming together for love, money and adventure in a flat share in Acton has come to the Venue in Leicester Square. This stylist production is predominately a story of how Australians cope with the hustle and bustle of leaving their family and coming half way across the world to find fame and fortune in London. As such it is a delightful thirty something story of booze, sex and mis-matched relationships.  Some of the jokes and concepts are perhaps rather a little stereotypical and unless you are yourself an Aussie a little waring. That said the characters have been well cast. Of note is Andrew Robb who excels at Sam the father figure of the ensemble, contemplating his life and a return to Oz. Blair McDonough (Dan) is undoubtedly the star of the piece, having previously found fame in Neighbours. His character runs the relationship spectrum from lager stud to love-lorn fool. Vegemite Tales is at its best when it plays it simply for laughs, rather than when it contemplates more weighty issues, such as abortion. It is a fun, spirited and easy going play and should be enjoyed whether you are an Aussie or merely English.


The Vegemite Tales is showing at 'The Venue', 5 Leicester Place (just off Leicester Square) London WC2H 7BP until 23rd September 2006

8pm Mon – Sat, 3pm Sat
Tickets 0870 899 3335