What makes a great musical? Song, dance, a script and these days a big star. Well if that is the criteria, then Michael Grandage's hugely enjoyable production of the classic 1950s musical Guys and Dolls fits the bill. The star is Don Johnson, best remembered as that 1980s fashion icon come detective Sonny Crockett in Miami Vice.

Guys and Dolls is the story of Nathan Detroit (Johnson) the organiser of an illegal crap game in New York. With the cops on his trail, Detroit has to find a new venue for his game and needs some capital to pay for it. So he makes a bet with master gambler Sky Masterson that he cannot make the next girl he sees fall in love with him. The very next girl just happens to be Miss Sarah Brown (the surprisingly talented Amy Nuttall formerly of Emmerdale), the leader of a local Salvation Army kind of reform group, who fortunately happens to be rather beautiful. As luck would have it (in the clichéd way) Masterson falls in love with Sarah...                                  

The songs are familiar ‘Luck Be A Lady Tonight’, ‘Sit Down You’re Rocking The Boat’, ‘If I Were A Bell’ to name but a few. A remarkably uplifting and fun musical. JMH

Guys and Dolls is at the Piccadilly Theatre, Denman St London W1C.