In Iyer’s novel we are offered kidnap, murder, extortion and violence tied together in a gritty thriller.  Sadly for the reader the novel is more grit and less thrill. The story sees habitual criminal Eddie Doyle convicted for murder and for stealing a famous painting in 1966. He hides the painting before his arrest and thirty years later on his release  goes in search of the painting. The painting however has been stolen from Doyle’s hiding place and the only suspect is his now deceased lawyer. Whatever happened to the Solicitor’s Code of Conduct? Doyle charges the solicitor’s son with finding the painting or else he will kill his wife and son. A somewhat excessive response, which does not quite add to the realism of the piece. Whilst readable the novel does not quite have that must turn over feel more often found with the likes of Grisham, Paterson, and even Archer.

The author, himself a “successful lawyer” tells the story in a well constructed and thought out fashion, but sadly it rather lacks in passion or belief and a twist for a twist sake leaves the reader rather disappointed.

Two stars
The Betrayed by Andrew Iyer is published by Book Guild for £14.99

Hardback ISBN: 978-1-84624-167-3Available in all good bookshops.