David Crigman QC is the latest in a long line of lawyers to turn their hand to fiction writing and in so doing introduces us to his heroine “beautiful Junior Counsel” Naomi Nicholas. It is perhaps ironical that they are never simply plain Jane. Crigman’s world is full of murder, blackmail and caricature. At the heart of his tale is his apparent conviction that everyone involved in the law has a secret past and ulterior motives for their actions. As such the concepts of truth and justice are simply hostages to fortune. The novel welcomes the reader into the grudges and game playing of QCs and their clerks in the criminal bar. Whilst Crigman clearly has an exceptional knowledge of the law, his characters become little more than one dimensional and somewhat stereotypical. The novel is not helped by his decision to scatter the prose with witness statements, medical reports and long dialogues of cross-examination. Whilst the final few chapters provide the reader with twists and turns, you are rather left wondering whether they really added anything to the story or were merely there because the writer believed them to be a requirement to this genre. That said this is an easy to read, entertaining yarn. .

What’s Truth Got To Do With It? Is written by David Crigman QC and published by Librario Books in paperback from all good bookshops under ISBN 1-904440-80-0